Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crucible Journal (part 1)

The following is a portion of a journal a recruit kept while at bootcamp on Parris Island as he embarked on the Crucible and became a United States Marine.

WEDNESDAY - Parris Island Boot Camp - Final Drill

Dear Journal,

This morning we had a PT run. The morning run was fun. The Drill Instructor would slow us down into a "Marine Corps Shuffle" until we were a good 50 yds behind the squad in front. Then we would start speeding up until we were sprinting. When we started to speed up we would be whispering "sneak attack, sneak attack" over and over. As we got closer we would get louder until we were 10 yards back and sounding off. Then we would go into the shuffle again. Good times! Then we were broken up into our Crucible squads for some important information..
I can't believe, Final Inspection, Final PFT and the Final Written Test are finally over! We even got to go to the PX to buy our shooting badges and any other items we needed. After we got back we put them on our Alpha Blouse. Those badges look "tight." They were $10 bucks a piece, but worth it!

We had JOB prep this morning (in case you have forgotten, JOB is 'junk on a bunk'.) It is inventory and gear serviceability. We set up our field gear on our racks and then cleaned the squadbay. Each item had certain requirements and had to be in a certain spot on the rack. Some even had to have a piece of tape cut to a certain length with our name on it. The shelter half and poncho both had to be folded 12" X 12". Our wet weather tops and bottoms as well as our woolly "P" bag had to be rolled up 6" wide. Our gear was checked for accountability and serviceability while we were at noon chow.

*We spent all afternoon at the Final Drill Competition! Afterwards, I realized the Crucible is RIGHT THERE waiting for us to fail!! 54 hours, 40 some miles, 2.5 MRE's, and only 8 total hours of sleep (at the absolute most), ending with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Ceremony…if we are worthy…

After evening chow we started to set up our packs for the Crucible. The scribes and whiskey locker are supposed to start packing their gear as well. When we leave tomorrow after the 0200 wake-up call, we won't come back to the squadbay until Saturday morning. The rest of the time today we spent on Crucible prep and house cleaning. Crucible prep included field stripping our MRE's, (meaning all condiment packets, sides, certain sweets etc. are pulled out!) and last detail packing, LBV prep, etc. We also ironed a decal on our Drill Cammies for when we get back on Saturday. The decal is the EGA ironed onto our left breast pocket! Man, I can't believe I have to iron this on…what if I don't make it?We then packed our seabags, marked and lubed our weapons, and hit the rack at 2000 knowing we would be awakened at 0200 for the Crucible. How am I going to sleep? I NEED to sleep. Please God let me sleep. Mom, are you praying for me too? I am almost there. Don't give up on me now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I pray for the Lord's guidance through all this! Gonna try to sleep now.

More tomorrow.…"

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