Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A quickie post....

I am sitting here and thought I would try to do a quick post. Things just have not slowed down for me lately and I think that they are only going to get busier till at least Christmas. I am very thankful for that but am just so pooped.
We are planning a float for our hometown Christmas parade...a Carolina Rags float. It is going to be too cute. We have lots of god ideas. All of my really good friends, also known as the Flip-Flop Club, are helping to put it all together. Have I told you guys about our Flip-Flop Club yet? Well, these ladies are the best friends I have ever had. Their are 9 of us. We all do WW together and we all hold each other accountable for everything. We get together once a month at one of our houses and have an awesome time. The one hosting cooks us all a WW friendly dinner and dessert. Then we play games and just act silly! We also go to Applebee's (WW menu) once a month after our Monday WW meeting. We are always getting together for whatever reason we can come up, golfing, shopping, golfing...oh and trick or treating. I am so thankful and blessed that God brought all of these ladies in my life (well, 2 of them are my sisters so I guess they have been in my life since the beginning).
Anyways, back to the is going to be really classy, cute. Since we are the Flip-Flop Club we are going to have lots of flip-flop decorations. I can't wait. Plus, I hope to get my business name out there a little more. It's not all about the's about business too...a little. I will be sure to post pictures of the parade and float after the 3rd of December.
Oh, and in WW I have lost a total of 31.4 pounds so far. I feel so good about myself now. I have some of my skinny sisters' hand-me-downs. Sunday I wore Lori's size 10 gaucho jeans to church. Did you hear me...I said size 10. I was a size 18 (probably bigger, though I would not admit it!) when I started this the end of June! Mostly though I am wearing 12 and 14's. I never though that losing weight would be so much fun. These girls have really made it FUN! Thank you all know who you are. (Aren't you proud of me...I am finally blogging!)
But I am afraid that for now this is all I can do. Lots of work to do. I am supposed to be going to lunch with an old friend. Then to the gym, then back to the home studio to sew, then church tonight, then back home to get the picture, right? But I love it! I really would not have it any other way. The busier I am, the better!

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