Thursday, November 16, 2006


I am so thankful for all of your prayers the past couple of days. I have felt a real peace. I am still not sure what that means but I will take it and run for now. I had forgotten how much better I used to feel after blogging about things. You guys are a great bunch, real prayer warriors! So thanks!

I am waking up kinda tired this morning because we had some pretty bad thunderstorms here last night. I slept but it was not good, sound sleep. I could hear the wind blowing through the trees. I am always afraid when it storms at night because what if a tornado or something develops. We live near the Marine Corps Air Station and I kept listening for the tornado alarm to start sounding, it was that bad. My yard, which I raked and cleaned up this weekend, has pine cones and pine straw all over. It even blew my flag down. My chairs out front are blown over. I even think I heard hail falling for a second (hope my van is alright!). So, I laid in my bed last night with Jackson snuggled up beside me and prayed for our safety. And it felt really good to pray and feel it. They are saying that we are going to have more bad weather this morning.

For lunch today I am going to my kids school and have a Thanksgiving Feast with them. This year I am eating with Jess. I have to alternate every year to be fair. The kids always love it when I come to their school. All of the kids know my name so my kids think that I am famous at their school. It's kinda cute! So, off to work I go with a hat on my head (the rain makes my hair frizzy). Hope you all have a great Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow I am in a golf tournament on Parris Island with my sister, Lori, and our friend Jessica. It is going to be a lot of fun. Then tomorrow night I have a small show. Saturday night the flip flop club is having dinner at my other sister, Amy's house. We are going to start working on the float for the Christmas parade. That is my weekend wrap up so far. Have a blessed day!

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