Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Poor Jess!

I am back at work today after 4 days off...ugh! Actually, I am a bit thankful. Sounds weird, I know. I was so busy over the holiday that I never even got to breathe until Christmas evening. I went to bed that night around 11 pm and I slept until 12 noon. Can you believe that? The kids all slept in too. I was supossed to get up early and go shopping with my sister, Lori, but the alarm went off and I turned it off. It just wasn't that important to me to get the after-Christmas deals. My sleep was much more important!
We did indeed have a great Christmas. The kids got what they wanted. I gave them a limit of one or 2 things and that was it. It made it much nicer for me and Santa! :) We went to my Mom's at around noon and let all the kids (11) open gifts, then the adults opened after we ate dinner. Dinner was really good. I am a bit scared to weigh-in this week. We are weighing in Thursday this week since Monday was Christmas. I really tried to do well, but we will see.
Yesterday my Mom watched Jordan and Jackson so Jessica and I could go get a manicure and a pedicure. She got a gift certificate for Christmas and was dying to use it. So we dropped off the kids and headed for the shoe store to exchange some shoes. When we got there she slapped her entire thumb in the van door. She is not a crier so when she started to cry I knew that it was really bad. We went and exchanged the shoes and then went straight to the pediatrician's office. Dr. Karen took a look at it and decided she need to put a hole in her nail to drain the blood building under her nail. She took a heated thingy and burned a hole in her nail. The blood started to pour out. Jess cried really hard. I hated it that she was hurting so bad. We went for X-rays and thankfully it was not broken. She put a splint on it. Needless to say she could not get her manicure, but we did go get a pedicure. It was nice. I really had to gear myself up for it because I really don't like people touching my feet. I told the guy that he was the only man I ever LET touch my feet. He just smiled and said "I lucky man". So, as soon as her hole in her finger heals we will go back so she can get that manicure. To make up for it we went and ate Chinese...her favorite.
I am so thankful for such a wonderful Christmas season. I was so busy, which was really good. I hope that things stay kinda busy with my bags. I am already on the look out for some great spring designs. I have come across 2 so far. I can't wait to make mine, maybe I will do that this week. So, thanks to everyone who placed orders this year and I hope you enjoyed your Carolina Rags bag. I hope to hear from you again this upcoming year! God bless!

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