Tuesday, December 19, 2006

...Checking it twice!

What a busy week this is. I am sure it is just this busy for everyone this time of the year. I totally have not even put a dent in my shopping list! I have the list but just can't find the time to get out and go! I think that I am just gonna have to go to Wal-Mart after midnight one night this week. I think that that is the best time to shop.
I have been staying up til all hours of the morning trying to get all of my Christmas orders finished. Thanks to everyone who helped to support my business this year. I have truly been blessed and amazed at it all! I am still amazed that you guys actually love my creations. I enjoy making them and it is even more of an enjoyment when you guys love them too!
I am taking tomorrow off from work so that I can finish up with the orders and maybe run out and get some shopping done. I promised the kids that I would give them each $20 for shopping money. So we may do that too. I also have 4 orders for the "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake. This is the coolest cake ever. Every part of it is symbolic of Christ! Ever Sunday morning before Christmas the pastor at SHBC cuts the cake and reads about what each part means. Then one of the kids sing "Happy Birthday Jesus". This year it is going to be my nephew, Mason and my Jordan. It is always such a sweet part of the Christmas service.
Friday night is my brother (Bernie) and sister's (Amy) birthday (they will be 30...shhhhh!)! So we will have a little (big) family party for them. Then we are all going to go Christmas caroling. We have never really gone caroling. I think it will a fun, memorable experience, especially for the kids!
Sunday night we are going to a candle light service at the beach. That is going to be pretty neat too! The kids are quite excited about that! And of course they are excited about Christmas morning. I think we should add a few extra hours to Christmas Day. We are usually running around all day that day, and we never even have to leave town.
So, I hope that all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!

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