Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anybody need a dryer repair woman?

Well, I guess it has been a while since my last post. So, here goes. I have slowed down soooo much since the holidays. Although now I am trying to get together my new spring line. I love finding new fabric patterns. I always want to make me one of each. But we all know that wouldn't be very cost effective. I am thinking about having an Open House in February to introduce the new Spring designs. I try to do that once a year or so. I am really into the brown and "sea foam green" color right now...not sure what it is. You know that everyone has a color that makes them relax and feel good....well, i have come to the conclusion that sea foam green is that color for me. It is kinda like a "spa" color. So, I have a couple of fabrics with that color in them on order.
The kids went back to school on Monday. They were all ready to go back, Jackson especially! He loves his teacher. Don't most 1st graders have a crush on their teacher? I think he does!
Last week my dryer broke.. Yeah, what a bummer. The laundromat is not a fun place to spend your Saturday and Sunday afternoon, especially with the amount of laundry we have. So I got frustrated and went and ordered the part I thought it needed. The "guy" told me a couple of other things to check before I put that part in. The heating element had no broken coils, so I knew it was not that, which is the part I ordered. Well, after spending about an hour and a half knee deep in lint and yuck, I figured out that the thermostat was the problem. So I called someone from church to come look at it. He came over and sure enough it was the thermostat. Yea! He even went out to his van and reset it so I didn't even have to get another one. I actually made money on this project because I found $21.50 in the back of the dryer. Kinda funny, dontcha think? I totally could have replaced the heating element though and now I am pretty sure I can fix the thermostat if it happens again. The things that single Moms learn to do when they have too, sometimes it is amazing. Now after cleaning out all the lint from the back of the dryer and the coil going outside, it works better than it ever has. Hopefully my electric bill will go down now! So, if you need your dryer fixed then call me before you call a repair man. I CAN DO IT! Now if I can figure out how to fix my lawn mower by Spring I will be doing real good! Don't dare me!
I have a baby shower cake to make tonight for a very good friend's daughter. (I still can't believe she is gonna be a grandma!) So, I am still keeping busy. I am slowly getting my house decluttered since Christmas. I redid my bathroom last guessed brown and sea foam green. I may even take a candle lit bath tonight...and relax!

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