Thursday, January 18, 2007

Like mommy like son....

This morning when we woke up it was rainy and pretty cold...about 34 and with the wind chill it was 28. I was so bummed. I had planned on playing golf with my sister, Lori. Obviously, that did not happen today. I feel like we haven't done anything together in a really long time...just the two of us! I miss it...hint...hint...hint!

Anyways, I turned up the heat and got the kids up so they could get ready for school. Lately Jackson has been gettting his own clothes ready for school the night before. But let's face it, he is a boy. He would much rather wear T-shirts and blue jeans everyday, which would be fine if it was summer. But it was 34 d-d-degrees out. So, I got him a sweater out to wear. Well, that just about thru him over the edge. We finally settled on a sweatshirt. Then I got his big jacket out so he would be warm. And oh my goodness, you would have thought I had asked him to wear a dress to school. He proceeded to through a major temper tantrum, which I then walked away from so I could get ready for work myself.

I am getting ready to drive them to the bus stop and he absolutely refuses to put on his jacket. So, we walk out to the van...with me carrying the jacket. We get to the bus stop and I try to explain to him that he has to wear the jacket because it is really, really cold out and we southerners are just not used to this cold weather. But sometimes we have to bring out our big jackets for a day or two. He then gets a very hard-headed moment. "Mom, I don't need to put it on because I am in the van and it is hot." "But Jackson the bus is coming and you need to have your jacket on before it gets here so you don't hold everybody else up." Then the bus comes, I struggled to get the jacket on him as he fights me every step of the way! I get it on. He was quite mad at me, but I won...he had his jacket baby was warm whether he liked it or not. But, come to find out as soon as he got on the guessed came the jacket and stuffed in his bookbag which is where it stayed all day long! ---that little turkey head!
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Moral of this story.....My sweet little baby boy is just as hard-headed as his Mommy, go figure!

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