Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You like?

Well lookie here, I got a face lift. I absolutely love it! Jenna did an awesome job. If you want to get your blog redesigned then go see her. Serendipity Designs is the place to go.

One another note, football and volleyball are over...yay. We probably have only a couple of weeks until Jackson starts basketball practice. Jessica is thinking about trying out for school basketball. If so she will start the first week in November. So off we go again. But for now, we are taking a small and much needed break. Plus, the younger ones are out of school for 2 weeks on intercession. I am so ready for home cooked dinners at home around the dinner table. No more take out and sandwiches.


Lori said...

Love the new look!! Very pretty!

Jessica said...

Love your new blog look! It is almost as cute as your hair!

amyploss said...

Very cute!! Enjoy your much needed break!!