Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm trying

Oh my, I am so frustrated. I have the best blog designer ready to design my new blog header and what not and I can't get any good pictures of all my kids together...happy. I have tried snapping a few pictures when I can but they are never all in the same place at the same time and when they are...they are fighting and arguing about something. Plus, Lizzie lives in Illinois so I am gonna have to use an older pic for her. I have a great shot of her, Jackson and Jordan I can use but to get Ryan and Jessica to like each other for 2 seconds so I can take a picture is impossible. I am gonna try again this weekend. If I get nothing then I am gonna let her design it without the pictures. I hate that but I may have no choice.
Tonight I am going to spend some time with the best group of ladies I know...The Flip Floppers. I love these gals and am so thankful for all of them and the time we get to spend together. That is what is going to get me through this long day. FLIP FLOP

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