Monday, August 20, 2007

Beaufort Bombers

Well, I am so proud of my daughter, Jessica. She tried out for teh Beaufort Bombers Traveling Fastpitch Softball Team and made it. We had our first meeting Saturday. This is going to be a very exciting time for her. I am excited that she is going to get awesome training. She loves playing softball and she now has the opportunity to play against some really great teams in this state.

She will have practice twice a week and Saturdays. She is going to have to work very hard but she says that she is willing and ready to do this. So, now the fun part...raising the money to play. We are selling advertisements for our ad book. We already have several businesses that are going to get an ad from her. This is really teaching her the value of a dollar. And I am really going to make her work just as hard as me in rasing this money. Kids these days don't realize how hard us parents work for them. Maybe now she will see.

So good luck Jess, Mom is very proud of you! We all are! I love you baby girl!

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