Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ooh Rah!

So, I can't even believe that Thanksgiving is next week. This year has flown by and so much has happened. Today I am praying for my son Ryan as he travels to Jacksonville, Florida to go through the enlistment process to join the Marine Corps. I think I am more nervous than he is. If he makes it through this, he will go to boot camp August 2009, after he graduates high school. I am so extrememly proud of him. He will be 18 this coming Sunday. He is a fine young man! I have beeen very lucky with him. He is a good kid and I am proud to be his mother.

Living right here in the south with Parris Island right here in Beaufort, I worry about him going through bootcamp in August during the hottest months, but I am hoping since he is from here, he will adjust quicker.

Ryan and Bernie earlier this year

I had a weird moment this week. When Ryan made the decision to enlist, I was so proud that I wnated to call my family and tell them the news. One of the first people I thought to call was my Mama. Then I realized that she was not here, that she was in Heaven and she already knew and that she would help keep watch over him. She was always so fond of Ryan. I really miss her so much. I go and sit with her and my Papa at the National Cemetery often. But it is not the same as sitting with her in her little green house or going to lunch with her or just hanging out with her. She was such a cool grandmother!

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asnipofgoodness said...

Hi Angie....so glad you found me, now I know where to find you!!!

You should be so proud of Ryan, and of yourself, good job! I will keep him in my prayers as he serves our country, and you too as you "let" him go!

I am sorry for your recent loss. We lost Crockett in April, and it is a real struggle. The only comfort comes from knowing they are in such a better place, and we will see them sgain. That doesn't take away the missing though, does it?

Blessings to you girl, I will be checking up on you often, so keep posting!